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Let Australian Truck Hire Company help you – We want to be able to provide you with whatever assistance we can to help you achieve your stringent project construction deadlines and goals.

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Help Plan your Project Needs

With over 15 years’ experience in the Off Road Truck Hire industry hiring to projects, we can assist in the planning of the types of vehicles suitable for your particular project and quantities required – just let us know the basic project scope of works and we can consult with you to achieve the best outcomes.

Build and Supply Specialist Equipment

Does your project need vehicles which are out of the ordinary?? We can work with you to design and manufacture new and different units not readily on the market.  

Provide a Proposal to Supply total Project needs

From small trucks to large trucks and equipment – we can provide you with all types of equipment for the whole project – limiting the need to deal with multiple sub-contractors.  With comprehensive information supplied on the specifications and capabilities of our equipment, you can be assured of being able to provide your management team with all they will need to make their decisions.

Provide Vehicles Designed for the Project Environment

In today’s age, we all know that the manufacture of vehicles is becoming more and more based on cost rather than quality.  We replace components on our vehicles to cope better with the harsh Australian environment.  Things like correct tyre sizing and tread to be suitable for terrain travelled as well as being easily accessed by suppliers across the country.  We also replace plastic mudguards with strong steel manufactured units to protect the truck better as well as to be able to withstand off road conditions.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Once an agreement is in place, we believe in keeping you up to date with all aspects of the Truck Hire to your project.  From delivery scheduling to Servicing and Maintaining the vehicles while at site and right through to the off hire and return process.  
Our aim is to make it easy for you.  We can provide an Off Hire option to enable you to be covered for any of the minor incidental damages and return charges which other hire companies painstakingly list for payment at the end.  Covering cleaning, minor panel and mudguard damage, minor part replacement – you could just ‘hand the truck over’ at the end.

Provide 24/7 access to Maintenance and Servicing

Our team of mechanics are available 24/7 to organise any repairs required throughout the project.  Regular preventative maintenance will be carried out according to our set Servicing Schedules for each vehicle type.  We will organise this, wherever possible, when your project is on ‘break’ – even if that means weekend work.  We understand that time is precious and can never be regained once lost – so we do our best to minimise any downtime for our vehicles.

Provide Fleet Maintenance with Onsite Workshop Facilities

Minimising downtime and costs again by having most repairs done on the spot. Our onsite workshop facilities are second to none, with most of the usual workshop equipment and tooling readily available.  From computer diagnostics to tyre changing facilities, right through to our mobile fitters trucks travelling the project sites as required.  Work safety is important to us and our mobile & fixed workshop sites employ the best safety practices.
We can also service and maintain your own fleet of vehicles – from light utilities to heavy trucks, through to most plant equipment which are on project sites.  Take advantage of the workshop facilities we can bring to your project to make life much easier.

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